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Our SERVER IN THE BOX is the ideal solution for the central IT infrastructure at your event. Rather than having to transport the client’s server to the site, requiring half a day for installation and configuration each time, our SERVER IN THE BOX solution is ready for use within a few minutes.

- Mobile, central IT infrastructure (server, switches, firewall, UPS, etc.)
- Built into a rack and carrier box
- May be used for sporting and cultural events, congresses, seminars, trade
  fairs, company events, etc.
- Hire includes on-site support
- Ready to use within minutes
- Optimal, ready-to-use, tested components
- Rental eliminates need for investment in IT infrastructure
- Strain of planning the IT environment relieved by outsourcing
- On-site IT specialists provide support

All components (UPS, server, switch, firewall and a CPU switch) are fitted on a 19” rack, which is then built into a professional carrier box. All devices are already fitted with cables and connected, so that once on site, only network cabling and power supply will need to be connected (using a 110 V / 230 V transformer if required).

On-site data security can be provided via an external SCSI device or, where required, using the integral tape drive. Furthermore, the server generates a ghost image on an additional hard drive in configured and installed status.


Developed for FIFA

We originally developed the SERVER IN THE BOX concept for use at FIFA football events held all around the world.

The most well known example of its capacity is the use of the concept in the headquarters of the FIFA World Championships 2002 held in Korea/Japan.